Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I don't do very well with change, I never have! When I was little I would go hide behind a tree when my mother would get a haircut! I think I felt if she "changed", she would not be my "mom".
I still have those "feelings" sometimes! That catch in my heart! Lots of changes these last months!

Some changes are WONDERFUL! I love being thinner, having more energy, and wearing smaller clothes!!!!

I am really missing my daughter and her family today! They are making wonderful changes as they go forward in their lives! This morning I actually cried, and have to fix my mascara before I go out!!!!

The house is so empty. I know this is a good change....... but I really miss those boys! It does help when I call and one of them is screaming!

The house is VERY quiet. I am going to set up their apartment for business and it will be wonderful. Until I do it, there are just empty echoing rooms......

What next......... I've been so busy that I really shouldn't be taking the time to do this blog post! Sharing is important though......... and life is wonderful! So I hold on......... and look forward to the next adventure!


  1. changes can be hard! But they're worth it. Parker still talks about our "real home" and our "Chicago" home, but no matter where we are, we still have our relationships! The boys still love their grandparents, and their friends and family in Utah, and they're making friends here. Change is difficult, but sometimes it's harder to not change...

  2. Hey, I want that saying - I love rollercoasters, and since that is how my life is, I should be throwing up my arms and saying, "one more time, one more time!"