Monday, March 29, 2010

The "Why"... to run and not be weary, walk and not faint.......

I'm sitting waiting for a new tire! My darn car EATS tread. I'll get it all figured out, but we need to be safe in our drive to Portland and Pasco this weekend! I probably could have made it, but the tread is almost gone! (The steel belts really are steel colored!)
Details matter, safety matters......... HEALTHY matters!
I've talked about my "journey" and my reasons; but as I was running up my stairs the other day I realized I couldn't do that a few months ago! (Yes, these are MY stairs!) I rarely walk up them anymore.
I don't like altitude. I'm VERY sensitive to the high altitude here in Utah and it has been easy to blame any breathlessness or lethargy on that lack of OXYGEN!
I now have the ability to run up my stairs, walk all over in my Sketchers Shape Ups, and not feel winded!
Run and not be weary, Walk and NOT faint
I love the energy I have. This feels as good as fitting into my clothes again; this is the BEST! This is the reason I wanted to get rid of the 50 lbs.

Energy! It is what powers the universe! We use it, we need it........ we complain when we don't have it! I love this picture of the water, he force, the intensity! That is how I feel when I wake up in the morning....... Joy in the new day. (I don't always sleep well, but that is another entry!)

This journey is for ME , I am selfish.......... (I tell my hubby that ALL the time!) I want the energy to be there for children, care for grandchildren........ make bread to give away; to love, be loved.
I will share my discovery with anyone who asks me. I've been truly blessed to "meet" many new "friends" near and far.
I love life, love the energy!
Ah yes......... look good~feel good~inside out
Don't limit yourself!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Principles and Possibilities........ A to Zzzzz

I got to pick up my favorite "southern belle of a niece" Amanda from the airport the other night, well morning......... her plane got in about midnight! I didn't sleep well; I think I was just overtired! I made it through several great hours WALKING ALL OVER the Brigham Young University campus! (Amanda had come out to see BYU!) It was so much fun, and I was able to really give my Sketchers Shape Ups a good test run, test walk!
Oh yes.......... I could tell I was wilting!

I knew I was in trouble when I broke out in a hive-like rash after consuming sugar to keep me going through my afternoon! I just wanted a bit of "energy", but I was surprised about the effect on me! Fixed a nice family dinner, cleaned up....... and hoped to go to bed early! Of all the nights, lots of company.... That didn't work, and I was awake around 5am unable to sleep!

I woke up with a stomach ache, a headache, and overall sick feeling. I was so bloated I was afraid to step on the scale! Oh my gosh........ my weight was within my "guidelines", at the highest, but still! I had to look twice to be sure.

Today I followed my protocol, feel so much better! I was able to enjoy a full day of "shopping with the teenager" and we had a blast!
I know what to do, I have the principles to guide me......... I know the scale will show better numbers tomorrow, and the most important thing; I AM IN CONTROL! I did eat the sugar, regretted it, but it didn't blow my new "lifestyle" out of the water! When I did Atkins for years I would not even eat ONE m&m! I am enjoying the possibilities!
I've had quality Amanda time, I will get extra sleep this weekend...Zzzzz, and I'm succeeding!
This is day by day, with knowledge, tools, and the wonderful opportunity to share; the great and the not so great!
I don't have to stop eating the chocolate, but I know what puts my body over the edge!

* I'm not eating carbs after 4pm That REALLY helps
* I will get more sleep! Sometimes staying in bed for a bit longer can "untip" the scale
* I try to be done eating by 6pm
* Maybe blogging when exhausted is not the best, but reality matters!
* I will continue to share this, my flab to fit...........

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apples to m&m's

The apples turned out well this time.......... it is very easy to over-dry! These honestly were the ONLY thing I cheated on when I was doing my amazing protocol! I actually started having days where I ate "apples" all day, and I'd eat dried apples. That actually helped me NOT cheat, because I got the apples out of my system!

Every morning I make a "pot" or pan of Yerba Mate. I really enjoy it, but it isn't the cheapest herb tea. I have paid $12.00 for a bag of loose stuff. I found this bag at Sunflower Market. It was a KILO for $8 something! I'm thrilled. What a great price. I boil it in a pan (usually 2 heaping tablespoons for 3+ cups of water), and sprinkle loose cinnamon in it. Costco has great cinnamon, and so cheap! When it almost boils I turn it off and do something else for a little while. The ultimate in multi-tasking. I strain it through coffee filters because nothing else will sort out the teeny particles. Sweetened with chocolate Sweet Leaf Stevia drops, a bit of the peppermint as well, and it is one of my morning favorites!

Yesterday I opened a couple "packages" of treats I had gotten. Well, I was going to use them for "loading", but I can have "some" of many things right now!
The white chocolate was very good, but then I OPENED THE m&m's! OH MY GOSH........ as my daughter put it, we now know why the green m&m on those commercials looks so sexy! Wow, they are really amazing! Remember my post about peanut m&m's? Well, these definitely raise the m&m bar!
I've worn my Sketchers Shape Ups all day!
(My weight was great this morning, so I was totally fine....)

Love this program! Having my cake, (m&m's) and size 8's too!
This is about balance, learning, health.... and finding programs we can LIVE with! I have m&m breath right now, but I no longer feel the need to eat the entire bag!
Look Good~Feel Good~Inside Out

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some of my FAVORITE Things

I started a journey 5 months ago and it has gotten me where I am now! It really started before but 5 months ago was when things started to be even more amazing, and I realized I'd better hang on!
I have gone from "the run in my stretch jeans" to giving all my pants away that I've worn the last few years. Alas, there were even some size 12's I'd never taken the tags off of!
I have to admit that having to dry size 8 jeans in the dryer is better than favorite pants........ sacrifices!
I decided to document some of my favorite "food' things. Years ago #1 and #2 would have been peanut m&m's and mini peanut butter cups! (Washed down with Diet Mt Dew!)

Wow have times changed! Now....... I don't want to be without my flavored stevia drops (Sweetleaf brand ONLY), Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, Franks Red Hot sauce,Blue Cheese, and don't forget the Almond Milk!!!

Don't forget DRIED APPLES

Then my APPLES...... I love apples, and searched high and low for good ones here in Utah. We have a wonderful tree in our back yard but we didn't do the best job preserving them! (I did make lots of applesauce, pie filling, etc.)
I found Fuji, paying TOO MUCH sometimes... A farm market a few blocks away had Seconds for only $6.00 a box. I got almost 3 bushels of apples for $30.00. WE have been eating them, and I've been drying them. Theresa's boys call the dried apples "apple candy"! I will admit that dried apples are the ONLY thing I cheated on while on my "life changing" protocol! (I will NEVER call it a diet! It is too fantastic!)
So here I share..........

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't try this AT HOME

The spinach chips are done, and I'LL NEVER MAKE THEM AGAIN! There is only one word for them! YUCKY! I tasted them; too much spinach! (Not even my 2 1/2 year old grandson would eat them, and he loves spinach!)
Drying the leaves whole tastes much better.
I tried it, it was an experiment. Not everything works. Now I know....
I'm wondering what I can do with them! I'll think of something.............
On to my next experiment!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spinach Chips

I really wanted to try to make spinach chips. I smashed the spinach in a food processor (not easy) and added Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt.
I just realized the house might smell like spinach and vinegar instead of my chocolate bread! All that and my hands are GREEN!

Chocolate bread......... completed!

The bread is out of the oven..... As usual I ended up with more than I planned! It is VERY good, I have a feeling it will get eaten.

Then I had the idea to make "dried spinach chips" with garlic sea salt and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar... A bit anti-climatic!

I think the bread will be more in demand

As a creator, energy...... chocolate bread

I've been thinking a lot this morning as I was kneading my CHOCOLATE BREAD! I wish there was blogger-smeller, it is amazing! (I took Nutella,cocoa powder, homemade chunky applesauce, honey, fresh ground wheat and spelt, rolled oats, rolled spelt, sea salt......)
I need to create. My daughter and I had the discussion about how much she enjoys helping me with all my business stuff (oh my GOSH.... LUCKY, LUCKY ME!)

We are all creators. We are children of the CREATOR! It comes on different levels. Yesterday I was creating an environment where we could feel more peace! I get really excited about stuff like that! But then I am know for my excitement over seemingly "simple" things. But things MATTER.
After all the cleaning yesterday, I felt rejuvenated. My husband LOVED the organization I had done. This is about energy, and having peace and serenity in our lives. For example; I don't really like folding laundry. As my kids were growing up I'd put CLEAN laundry in a beautiful antique chair until I got around to folding it. The kids would fold their own. Years later I had that chair redone and it is in the living room in my home in New York. Those kids still call it the laundry chair!
Fast forward to my life "now"; I was doing laundry,had folded and put away my hubby's clothes.......... he told me how much that meant to him. My eyes were opened. Here was something so simple, that meant the world to someone I'm totally crazy about! I don't have a laundry chair any more!

This morning I really wanted to get that bread made that I was thinking about making yesterday. I have it rising in the oven as I'm typing this and the 2nd load of laundry is in the washer....
My hubby was watching and smelling the bread-making process and made the comment "I'll never be hungry." I will continue to create, continue to be excited!

I really can't wait to design my label, and new business cards! This is where my daughter's creative brilliance humbles me! Her talent and energy inspire me!
The energy I'm feeling is powerful. I can give my bread away, help others regain the health and vitality they seek.......

So, my message for today: let's all find the outlets we can to be the creators we all are, be it organization, baking, business, art, loving... whatever!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day TWO of the Sketchers Shape Ups

I was going to post about WHAT I DIDN'T DO..... but I'll save that! I did want to make chocolate bread but got distracted.......
STEAMING MY BATHROOM FLOOR. Then when the floor was done it looked so good that I decided to ORGANIZE.........
Well then I needed something smaller to store towels and stuff on so I went on a HUNT......
After going to the Post Office and Shipping to Idaho....

I had put on my Shape Ups when I steamed the floor as I realized I was running up and down and up and down the stairs. Productive! I keep squeezing the backs of my thighs to see if I notice a difference. Probably takes more than TWO days!
Stairs, Post Office, Shopping...... and a trip to the........
CHIROPRACTOR. After very loud cracks I really felt "lighter". He said my neck was out so much that I wasn't getting proper blood flow and the adjustment got the blood going again! Wow, an excuse for those BLONDE moments......

I've really been thinking about the "things I don't want to live without" (like Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar)
I'll do that while my chocolate bread is rising tomorrow........
I have yet to take my Sketchers off; I'm good for one more trip up the stairs, I think!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My new logo!

My daughter and I spent some time yesterday and today brainstorming a logo for Simply Total Health. We're still kind of in the planning stages, but we really liked this one! Still playing with colors. I wanted it to be simple, because getting and staying healthy can be simple, and requires simple changes! I also wanted to incorporate the name of the company, so the torso is like an S, then a T for the arm, and the heart represents health. We thought it was totally simple... pun intended on every level! :)

On a more personal note, I got my Sketchers Shape-Ups today, and made the decision to cut the tags! I don't care if they look a little goofy: I can feel the muscles in my legs... wait, I have muscles! I remember them from back before I broke my foot and was building up the miles on my Nordic Track.

I went to Mimi's cafe last night to get my favorite cob salad, and ended up eating my entire muffin... with butter. The whole muffin. It was too good to stop after the first piece I broke off. That was after finishing the dark chocolate for breakfast. I did freak out this morning when I was .8 above my "set" weight. I've been maintaining so low I really have liked it! I really can't whine, it is fantastic!
Well I'm off to do an arterial scan........ HOORAY FOR HEALTH! Simply........

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Discovering what Content Can Feel Like

As I was whining about the run in my size 12 stretch jeans, not having known that stretch jeans could run, one of my friends told me that I was happily married now, and content. Looking in the mirror that night, I decided that my reflection then was not what content and happy looked like.

I'd been there before, and I'd promised myself I would never be there again. When I stepped on the scale in October, I cried when I discovered the digital numbers reading 214. And I'd promised myself that I wouldn't even need to worry about 200 again! I realized that I couldn't hide it... I'd thought that I was hiding it under my clothes, but clothes don't hide fat. Here I had a wonderful, younger, husband and was starting to realize many of my life dreams. But, I realized, it's not just about dreaming, it's about living. I decided I needed to do something, but I didn't know what. I didn't know where to go.

I started researching, studying, and opening myself up to new possibilities...