Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monday is a good day to get a cold sore............. and other unexpected blessings!
It has been a crazy wonderful weekend. My Marvelous Mike Merrill (aka: hubby) and I were able to go to the Manti Temple and be sealed for Time and All Eternity. A very important ceremony for our faith. I chose a temple that I've always thought of as my "Fairy Tale" temple! The day was perfect. My photographer daughter in law even found a heart shaped cloud!

My daughter did invitations for us as well as a zillion other things I could thank her for for the next 127 years! 

I am crazy about my guy, and thankful I get to keep him for ever and always! Even though my parents and most of my siblings were not able to be there we were surrounded by lots of family and friends! This just stretches the ties that bind us together! (I didn't mention gagging.......... get that too sometimes!)

All these special people (and more that weren't in the pic) traveled through mountains and road construction to be with us!

We are both rather happy to have taken this step........

Even with losing babies and sons for a while the day was perfect for us! We had a wonderful party that included a massive wind storm that took down 2 large branches from our trees. The beautiful tables were brought inside and everyone adapted wonderfully!
It would have been easier without the storm, but life isn't "easy". We don't know what we're going to get from day to day sometimes!!!

Monday I woke up with a cold sore............. They are NASTY painful annoying things to suffer through. I have not had one in years! My sincere first thought? I was REALLY glad it waited for Monday so I didn't have to be at church with this ugly lip. You know how you wonder if people are staring? I direct music every Sunday, and I know smiling would have cracked that thing! I chose to be excited and thankful that it waited that extra day!!!

I am NOT known for patience. I'd like to have it someday, and maybe I will...... about the same time I overcome my procrastination issues!

Family has returned to there respective states (of confusion and chaos for my daughter I'm sure! She sacrificed being here for a few days with her baby girl, leaving her 2 little boys home with daddy and friends!)

I am blessed.......... I am grateful! I felt strongly enough about this that I wanted to share the blessing of my Monday cold sore! By next Sunday it will be well on the way to healing!

Many things are out of our control. The storm was significant. The Winds of Change according to hubby dear! Profound, yes! 

I will continue to Pursue the Power of Positive............ this day and always!

(Even if it is kicking and screaming all the way!)