Thursday, October 28, 2010

Raising the Bar!

I know I've been a slacker and not blogging the way I would like to! Life has been crazy the last couple of months. My hubby would say it has been crazy the entire time we have known each other. Okay, he is always right.....

I've done very well with my weight loss "journey." With my busy traveling I haven't been as "focused." I've had times where I've eaten through my days. Yes, Canandaigua at Wegmans, Tom Wahl's, Abbots, Casa Italiana, etc.
Back home my capris weren't as loose as they had been. I could see the extra inches around my waist. I have decided that for me, sugar GOES TO WAIST
I haven't stayed "true" to what I know works for me. My clothes still fit, but now with winter fast approaching I feel I'm hiding under sweaters!

Talking with a friend, she said "you look so good, I can't tell...." Meaning she can't see the pounds on me that I can see, and I know are there.

My thought this morning:
When you raise the bar don't lower it. You're the only one who will feel the pain on the way down!
I think that is profound! I love what I do, what I have found. I have new tools that improve health, and potential success for anyone and everyone! I will continue to share what I've learned so it is easier (hopefully) for those who follow.
I'm back on track. EVERYTHING matters............ staying healthy is worth it!