Thursday, October 28, 2010

Raising the Bar!

I know I've been a slacker and not blogging the way I would like to! Life has been crazy the last couple of months. My hubby would say it has been crazy the entire time we have known each other. Okay, he is always right.....

I've done very well with my weight loss "journey." With my busy traveling I haven't been as "focused." I've had times where I've eaten through my days. Yes, Canandaigua at Wegmans, Tom Wahl's, Abbots, Casa Italiana, etc.
Back home my capris weren't as loose as they had been. I could see the extra inches around my waist. I have decided that for me, sugar GOES TO WAIST
I haven't stayed "true" to what I know works for me. My clothes still fit, but now with winter fast approaching I feel I'm hiding under sweaters!

Talking with a friend, she said "you look so good, I can't tell...." Meaning she can't see the pounds on me that I can see, and I know are there.

My thought this morning:
When you raise the bar don't lower it. You're the only one who will feel the pain on the way down!
I think that is profound! I love what I do, what I have found. I have new tools that improve health, and potential success for anyone and everyone! I will continue to share what I've learned so it is easier (hopefully) for those who follow.
I'm back on track. EVERYTHING matters............ staying healthy is worth it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Once Upon a TIME....

I've been seeing quite a few people with boot casts on broken or operated on feet, and I realized that I was one of those people just ONE year ago!
What a difference time makes!

I thought a lot about where I was then. Hence the title "Once Upon a Time..." for this post
(I loved the "Fractured Fairy Tales" segments on Rocky and Bullwinkle. A real treat for those of you too young to know.)

It was a crazy time, and embarrassing, painful, frustrating.......
Those were the days of my too tight clothes, running my favorite stretch jeans, and being VERY
self conscious. I would smile, and not let anyone know what was really in my heart!

I'm so glad I decided to DO SOMETHING. My journey has been amazing, not always easy... but so worth it!

Yesterday my New York and Company order came. I'm really good at shopping the online sales, and ended up getting 2 pair of jeans, dress pants and leggings for $50.00 off! I've given away my size 12's, taken in my size 14 skirt--WAY IN--and continue to go through my closet to see what I'm hanging onto that I should never wear!

I'm back on my Nordic Track; I bought that cross country ski machine back in 1993! I've carted it all around the country. I finally wiped the dust off, and have been doing 4 miles daily. I'm starting to see the toning I was hoping for!

This is all a process, and I know I'll continue to trip, stumble........ or whatever!
It is all part of my life!

I continue to meet amazing people. I treasure the friendships I have. I'm loving having a business where I'm able to help others feel better about themselves and enjoy a healthier life!

I hear the music: from the crickets at night out my window, to the blast of the CD player in the car on our way to Southern Utah.

This is my "Once Upon a Time"! Thanks for sharing it with me!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I don't do very well with change, I never have! When I was little I would go hide behind a tree when my mother would get a haircut! I think I felt if she "changed", she would not be my "mom".
I still have those "feelings" sometimes! That catch in my heart! Lots of changes these last months!

Some changes are WONDERFUL! I love being thinner, having more energy, and wearing smaller clothes!!!!

I am really missing my daughter and her family today! They are making wonderful changes as they go forward in their lives! This morning I actually cried, and have to fix my mascara before I go out!!!!

The house is so empty. I know this is a good change....... but I really miss those boys! It does help when I call and one of them is screaming!

The house is VERY quiet. I am going to set up their apartment for business and it will be wonderful. Until I do it, there are just empty echoing rooms......

What next......... I've been so busy that I really shouldn't be taking the time to do this blog post! Sharing is important though......... and life is wonderful! So I hold on......... and look forward to the next adventure!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Then and Now

Finally... the fat pictures! Sometimes it's imperative to look back at where we have been to truly understand where we are now. I'm grateful for all of the learning experiences in my life, but I'm also grateful that I've been able to overcome them to be where I am now!

That was then...
This picture is from 1995

One of the most striking things about this picture is how happy I'm not. My daughter told me in an email that: "Just so you know, you've always looked fantastic! I think You can see in some of the pictures that you're happy, but not totally, and you can tell that you seem self-conscious. Although there was nothing wrong with the way you looked or felt, it wasn't as right as it could be. You hadn't realized your full potential. You've set such a good example as I've seen you change and grow.. . even if some of that growing was shrinking ;)"

You can see that I was making progress, shedding the pounds...

And this is ... today!

I'm happy, I'm healthy, I have more energy, I weigh less than I did in high school, and I'm keeping it off! I'm so glad I get to share such wonderful experiences with so many fantastic people across the world as they too achieve success with my program!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The BEST of Me..........

BoldI've been thinking a lot about a number of things! No surprise really, my brain often goes a zillion miles a minute! I'm sure if I was in school now there would be a name for it!

I've been thinking a LOT as I will be.....
I could say "halfway through my 50's", or other things I'd rather not say right now!

I was thinking this morning as I was attempting to put on nail polish... about what I'm good at, and not so good at! My BIG "NOTS" would be hair cutting, cake decorating, and putting on fingernail polish.......

I'm really, really good at lots of things! Bread is one of them!

I also think I've done a fairly good job as a mom.......... my kids are wonderful and amazingly talented! Mother's Day is such a special day, and a great time to realize what matters MOST

Once again my daughter really hit the nail on the head! She said I've always used symbolism for so much...... PAYBACK!

It was really wonderful, profound, and I can't wait to use it!
This is what life is, rich and full and often unexpected.
I hit a "milestone" today with my health stuff....... I'm 58 lbs down, and had to take my dress pants in because I can't keep them up! (No, I'm not ready for a 6!)

I don't need Diet Mt. Dew anymore. I lived on it for decades; but no more!
My latest addiction continues to be my Vanilla Creme water I guzzle daily! (It is my nearly 3year old grandson's favorite "grandma water" flavor!) Natural and healthy....... all good!

I've been "smelling" things instead of eating them. I'm not missing out, not giving anything up! Went to a wedding the other night and didn't eat at the cookie bar, the cheesecake, or anything else.
My choice! I'll go get a cookie when I'm ready, I'll go get the best cheesecake when I choose!

I'm on the way to 55 and the best of me!
Life is good, life is rich, life is AMAZING! I'm not giving up anything...... I've feeling better than I have for so long; and health and happiness is worth any short term "sacrifice".

Business continues to grow by leaps and bounds, I'm getting to know wonderful people from all over! LUCKY ME to experience them.

So here I am........ off to eat my 3.5 ounces of chicken and cabbage, or maybe just an apple! Oh yes........... LUCKY ME!
So what is the "BEST" of me? I can't wait to see!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Greater Expectations..

I love strawberries.......... I mean, I really, really LOVE them! In 1988 I actually had 2 strawberry pies for my birthday! My visiting teacher got me one , and a friend got me one. I have never forgotten that birthday.

My wonderful husband brought me 3 flats of strawberries the other day. We want to freeze them, preserve them, etc. so we can enjoy them longer.

They were some of the best strawberries I'd had for a LONG time. Naturally sweet, didn't even need any of my Sweetleaf Vanilla Creme stevia drops to taste amazing.
I had strawberries for my "legal fruit" as I was cleaning them and preparing for freezing.

I ate and I ate and I ate...... Lets just say I used "strawberries" as my fruit and veggies for the entire day! I had 3.5 oz of chicken for lunch, and 3.5 oz of chicken for dinner! The scale was my friend this morning, so my unplanned modification worked, this time.

I froze bags and bags of them, but had the fantastic idea that I wanted to dry some. I prepared the berries and filled my trays of the best dehydrator.
Such a beautiful sight!
Then the drying started! The house smelled FANTASTIC, just like strawberries.
This morning........ the end result!

Here are my dried strawberries......... they are "okay", not bad really.
But, come on, these are
STRAWBERRIES! They need to be fantastic! The amazing sweet flavor didn't carry through. I didn't add anything, I wanted all natural, only strawberries; just like I do my apples I'm addicted to!

Dried strawberries will never be an addiction. I adore fresh ones, frozen are good...... but there I draw the line!
I wanted to try, I did have great expectations. Instead I got a learning experience.

Often life does NOT go as we plan, even aspects of our daily life are not as we expect or work for! This is life,*
Life is what happens while we are making other plans*
You know, these are just strawberries and they will still be eaten and enjoyed. The harvest is still upon us so I will have more strawberry opportunities. I will not dry them.
I will savor them for the sweet fruit they are!

I will take each moment of my life, good, crazy good, not so good- and appreciate it!
This is what we get, this is our today and we only get to do it once!
So I will have greater expectations, and it's okay if I have my "dried strawberry days"

Monday, April 19, 2010

You "HAVE" to!

I just had an experience we have every day. My daughter made an amazing bruschetta and brought some to my hubby. Beautiful, perfect...... sweet cherry tomatoes, olive oil and MY BASIL! I had been smelling it all day. Alas, I knew it wasn't for me, because I have a goal.......
My sweet husband said; "Honey, you have to taste this".
We hear this all the time, the "have to". Bottom line......... we don't! I actually said "no I don't". This is true, we can make our individual choices. It is okay to say "no thank you" if you don't feel comfortable, or you don't want to do, taste, whatever.

(by the time I realized I wanted to take a picture, this is all that was left)

My daughter was not offended, she knows EXACTLY what I'm doing. She will make it again, and I can have some. I will choose to; and be ready!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today has been defining.................
My daughter has been spending much of her "extra" time the last couple of days helping me perfect my business stuff. I'm now ON FACEBOOK as Simply Total Health!

I've been talking to some wonderful people all around the country! I get to share my passion, loves; and I'm getting thanks from coast to coast!
I am humbled with the experiences I am having.....
I saw this at the grocery story when I was mailing some HCG and my "miracle supplement" to a new friend in New York! The other day it was Florida.....
But I couldn't resist the saying and had to snap the pic with my camera!
What is normal, what level of crazy do we allow in our lives before we decide it is "abnormal"? I love crazy, crazy is MY NORMAL and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I am passionate about sharing health and wellness information! I'm "crazy" excited about all of this.
On this note.......
Let's hear it for the exciting times we live in, and to the joys of "normal", but who needs to pretend anyway!

Look good~ Feel good~ Inside out

Monday, March 29, 2010

The "Why"... to run and not be weary, walk and not faint.......

I'm sitting waiting for a new tire! My darn car EATS tread. I'll get it all figured out, but we need to be safe in our drive to Portland and Pasco this weekend! I probably could have made it, but the tread is almost gone! (The steel belts really are steel colored!)
Details matter, safety matters......... HEALTHY matters!
I've talked about my "journey" and my reasons; but as I was running up my stairs the other day I realized I couldn't do that a few months ago! (Yes, these are MY stairs!) I rarely walk up them anymore.
I don't like altitude. I'm VERY sensitive to the high altitude here in Utah and it has been easy to blame any breathlessness or lethargy on that lack of OXYGEN!
I now have the ability to run up my stairs, walk all over in my Sketchers Shape Ups, and not feel winded!
Run and not be weary, Walk and NOT faint
I love the energy I have. This feels as good as fitting into my clothes again; this is the BEST! This is the reason I wanted to get rid of the 50 lbs.

Energy! It is what powers the universe! We use it, we need it........ we complain when we don't have it! I love this picture of the water, he force, the intensity! That is how I feel when I wake up in the morning....... Joy in the new day. (I don't always sleep well, but that is another entry!)

This journey is for ME , I am selfish.......... (I tell my hubby that ALL the time!) I want the energy to be there for children, care for grandchildren........ make bread to give away; to love, be loved.
I will share my discovery with anyone who asks me. I've been truly blessed to "meet" many new "friends" near and far.
I love life, love the energy!
Ah yes......... look good~feel good~inside out
Don't limit yourself!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Principles and Possibilities........ A to Zzzzz

I got to pick up my favorite "southern belle of a niece" Amanda from the airport the other night, well morning......... her plane got in about midnight! I didn't sleep well; I think I was just overtired! I made it through several great hours WALKING ALL OVER the Brigham Young University campus! (Amanda had come out to see BYU!) It was so much fun, and I was able to really give my Sketchers Shape Ups a good test run, test walk!
Oh yes.......... I could tell I was wilting!

I knew I was in trouble when I broke out in a hive-like rash after consuming sugar to keep me going through my afternoon! I just wanted a bit of "energy", but I was surprised about the effect on me! Fixed a nice family dinner, cleaned up....... and hoped to go to bed early! Of all the nights, lots of company.... That didn't work, and I was awake around 5am unable to sleep!

I woke up with a stomach ache, a headache, and overall sick feeling. I was so bloated I was afraid to step on the scale! Oh my gosh........ my weight was within my "guidelines", at the highest, but still! I had to look twice to be sure.

Today I followed my protocol, feel so much better! I was able to enjoy a full day of "shopping with the teenager" and we had a blast!
I know what to do, I have the principles to guide me......... I know the scale will show better numbers tomorrow, and the most important thing; I AM IN CONTROL! I did eat the sugar, regretted it, but it didn't blow my new "lifestyle" out of the water! When I did Atkins for years I would not even eat ONE m&m! I am enjoying the possibilities!
I've had quality Amanda time, I will get extra sleep this weekend...Zzzzz, and I'm succeeding!
This is day by day, with knowledge, tools, and the wonderful opportunity to share; the great and the not so great!
I don't have to stop eating the chocolate, but I know what puts my body over the edge!

* I'm not eating carbs after 4pm That REALLY helps
* I will get more sleep! Sometimes staying in bed for a bit longer can "untip" the scale
* I try to be done eating by 6pm
* Maybe blogging when exhausted is not the best, but reality matters!
* I will continue to share this, my flab to fit...........

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apples to m&m's

The apples turned out well this time.......... it is very easy to over-dry! These honestly were the ONLY thing I cheated on when I was doing my amazing protocol! I actually started having days where I ate "apples" all day, and I'd eat dried apples. That actually helped me NOT cheat, because I got the apples out of my system!

Every morning I make a "pot" or pan of Yerba Mate. I really enjoy it, but it isn't the cheapest herb tea. I have paid $12.00 for a bag of loose stuff. I found this bag at Sunflower Market. It was a KILO for $8 something! I'm thrilled. What a great price. I boil it in a pan (usually 2 heaping tablespoons for 3+ cups of water), and sprinkle loose cinnamon in it. Costco has great cinnamon, and so cheap! When it almost boils I turn it off and do something else for a little while. The ultimate in multi-tasking. I strain it through coffee filters because nothing else will sort out the teeny particles. Sweetened with chocolate Sweet Leaf Stevia drops, a bit of the peppermint as well, and it is one of my morning favorites!

Yesterday I opened a couple "packages" of treats I had gotten. Well, I was going to use them for "loading", but I can have "some" of many things right now!
The white chocolate was very good, but then I OPENED THE m&m's! OH MY GOSH........ as my daughter put it, we now know why the green m&m on those commercials looks so sexy! Wow, they are really amazing! Remember my post about peanut m&m's? Well, these definitely raise the m&m bar!
I've worn my Sketchers Shape Ups all day!
(My weight was great this morning, so I was totally fine....)

Love this program! Having my cake, (m&m's) and size 8's too!
This is about balance, learning, health.... and finding programs we can LIVE with! I have m&m breath right now, but I no longer feel the need to eat the entire bag!
Look Good~Feel Good~Inside Out

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some of my FAVORITE Things

I started a journey 5 months ago and it has gotten me where I am now! It really started before but 5 months ago was when things started to be even more amazing, and I realized I'd better hang on!
I have gone from "the run in my stretch jeans" to giving all my pants away that I've worn the last few years. Alas, there were even some size 12's I'd never taken the tags off of!
I have to admit that having to dry size 8 jeans in the dryer is better than favorite pants........ sacrifices!
I decided to document some of my favorite "food' things. Years ago #1 and #2 would have been peanut m&m's and mini peanut butter cups! (Washed down with Diet Mt Dew!)

Wow have times changed! Now....... I don't want to be without my flavored stevia drops (Sweetleaf brand ONLY), Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, Franks Red Hot sauce,Blue Cheese, and don't forget the Almond Milk!!!

Don't forget DRIED APPLES

Then my APPLES...... I love apples, and searched high and low for good ones here in Utah. We have a wonderful tree in our back yard but we didn't do the best job preserving them! (I did make lots of applesauce, pie filling, etc.)
I found Fuji, paying TOO MUCH sometimes... A farm market a few blocks away had Seconds for only $6.00 a box. I got almost 3 bushels of apples for $30.00. WE have been eating them, and I've been drying them. Theresa's boys call the dried apples "apple candy"! I will admit that dried apples are the ONLY thing I cheated on while on my "life changing" protocol! (I will NEVER call it a diet! It is too fantastic!)
So here I share..........

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't try this AT HOME

The spinach chips are done, and I'LL NEVER MAKE THEM AGAIN! There is only one word for them! YUCKY! I tasted them; too much spinach! (Not even my 2 1/2 year old grandson would eat them, and he loves spinach!)
Drying the leaves whole tastes much better.
I tried it, it was an experiment. Not everything works. Now I know....
I'm wondering what I can do with them! I'll think of something.............
On to my next experiment!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spinach Chips

I really wanted to try to make spinach chips. I smashed the spinach in a food processor (not easy) and added Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt.
I just realized the house might smell like spinach and vinegar instead of my chocolate bread! All that and my hands are GREEN!