Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Once Upon a TIME....

I've been seeing quite a few people with boot casts on broken or operated on feet, and I realized that I was one of those people just ONE year ago!
What a difference time makes!

I thought a lot about where I was then. Hence the title "Once Upon a Time..." for this post
(I loved the "Fractured Fairy Tales" segments on Rocky and Bullwinkle. A real treat for those of you too young to know.)

It was a crazy time, and embarrassing, painful, frustrating.......
Those were the days of my too tight clothes, running my favorite stretch jeans, and being VERY
self conscious. I would smile, and not let anyone know what was really in my heart!

I'm so glad I decided to DO SOMETHING. My journey has been amazing, not always easy... but so worth it!

Yesterday my New York and Company order came. I'm really good at shopping the online sales, and ended up getting 2 pair of jeans, dress pants and leggings for $50.00 off! I've given away my size 12's, taken in my size 14 skirt--WAY IN--and continue to go through my closet to see what I'm hanging onto that I should never wear!

I'm back on my Nordic Track; I bought that cross country ski machine back in 1993! I've carted it all around the country. I finally wiped the dust off, and have been doing 4 miles daily. I'm starting to see the toning I was hoping for!

This is all a process, and I know I'll continue to trip, stumble........ or whatever!
It is all part of my life!

I continue to meet amazing people. I treasure the friendships I have. I'm loving having a business where I'm able to help others feel better about themselves and enjoy a healthier life!

I hear the music: from the crickets at night out my window, to the blast of the CD player in the car on our way to Southern Utah.

This is my "Once Upon a Time"! Thanks for sharing it with me!