Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I don't do very well with change, I never have! When I was little I would go hide behind a tree when my mother would get a haircut! I think I felt if she "changed", she would not be my "mom".
I still have those "feelings" sometimes! That catch in my heart! Lots of changes these last months!

Some changes are WONDERFUL! I love being thinner, having more energy, and wearing smaller clothes!!!!

I am really missing my daughter and her family today! They are making wonderful changes as they go forward in their lives! This morning I actually cried, and have to fix my mascara before I go out!!!!

The house is so empty. I know this is a good change....... but I really miss those boys! It does help when I call and one of them is screaming!

The house is VERY quiet. I am going to set up their apartment for business and it will be wonderful. Until I do it, there are just empty echoing rooms......

What next......... I've been so busy that I really shouldn't be taking the time to do this blog post! Sharing is important though......... and life is wonderful! So I hold on......... and look forward to the next adventure!