Monday, March 29, 2010

The "Why"... to run and not be weary, walk and not faint.......

I'm sitting waiting for a new tire! My darn car EATS tread. I'll get it all figured out, but we need to be safe in our drive to Portland and Pasco this weekend! I probably could have made it, but the tread is almost gone! (The steel belts really are steel colored!)
Details matter, safety matters......... HEALTHY matters!
I've talked about my "journey" and my reasons; but as I was running up my stairs the other day I realized I couldn't do that a few months ago! (Yes, these are MY stairs!) I rarely walk up them anymore.
I don't like altitude. I'm VERY sensitive to the high altitude here in Utah and it has been easy to blame any breathlessness or lethargy on that lack of OXYGEN!
I now have the ability to run up my stairs, walk all over in my Sketchers Shape Ups, and not feel winded!
Run and not be weary, Walk and NOT faint
I love the energy I have. This feels as good as fitting into my clothes again; this is the BEST! This is the reason I wanted to get rid of the 50 lbs.

Energy! It is what powers the universe! We use it, we need it........ we complain when we don't have it! I love this picture of the water, he force, the intensity! That is how I feel when I wake up in the morning....... Joy in the new day. (I don't always sleep well, but that is another entry!)

This journey is for ME , I am selfish.......... (I tell my hubby that ALL the time!) I want the energy to be there for children, care for grandchildren........ make bread to give away; to love, be loved.
I will share my discovery with anyone who asks me. I've been truly blessed to "meet" many new "friends" near and far.
I love life, love the energy!
Ah yes......... look good~feel good~inside out
Don't limit yourself!

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