Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some of my FAVORITE Things

I started a journey 5 months ago and it has gotten me where I am now! It really started before but 5 months ago was when things started to be even more amazing, and I realized I'd better hang on!
I have gone from "the run in my stretch jeans" to giving all my pants away that I've worn the last few years. Alas, there were even some size 12's I'd never taken the tags off of!
I have to admit that having to dry size 8 jeans in the dryer is better than favorite pants........ sacrifices!
I decided to document some of my favorite "food' things. Years ago #1 and #2 would have been peanut m&m's and mini peanut butter cups! (Washed down with Diet Mt Dew!)

Wow have times changed! Now....... I don't want to be without my flavored stevia drops (Sweetleaf brand ONLY), Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, Franks Red Hot sauce,Blue Cheese, and don't forget the Almond Milk!!!

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