Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My new logo!

My daughter and I spent some time yesterday and today brainstorming a logo for Simply Total Health. We're still kind of in the planning stages, but we really liked this one! Still playing with colors. I wanted it to be simple, because getting and staying healthy can be simple, and requires simple changes! I also wanted to incorporate the name of the company, so the torso is like an S, then a T for the arm, and the heart represents health. We thought it was totally simple... pun intended on every level! :)

On a more personal note, I got my Sketchers Shape-Ups today, and made the decision to cut the tags! I don't care if they look a little goofy: I can feel the muscles in my legs... wait, I have muscles! I remember them from back before I broke my foot and was building up the miles on my Nordic Track.

I went to Mimi's cafe last night to get my favorite cob salad, and ended up eating my entire muffin... with butter. The whole muffin. It was too good to stop after the first piece I broke off. That was after finishing the dark chocolate for breakfast. I did freak out this morning when I was .8 above my "set" weight. I've been maintaining so low I really have liked it! I really can't whine, it is fantastic!
Well I'm off to do an arterial scan........ HOORAY FOR HEALTH! Simply........

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  1. I need to learn how to do a blog. This is awesome! Your life is taking off and on fire Suz! I'm sooo happy for you! You so deserve it! Susan