Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't forget DRIED APPLES

Then my APPLES...... I love apples, and searched high and low for good ones here in Utah. We have a wonderful tree in our back yard but we didn't do the best job preserving them! (I did make lots of applesauce, pie filling, etc.)
I found Fuji, paying TOO MUCH sometimes... A farm market a few blocks away had Seconds for only $6.00 a box. I got almost 3 bushels of apples for $30.00. WE have been eating them, and I've been drying them. Theresa's boys call the dried apples "apple candy"! I will admit that dried apples are the ONLY thing I cheated on while on my "life changing" protocol! (I will NEVER call it a diet! It is too fantastic!)
So here I share..........

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