Friday, March 19, 2010

As a creator, energy...... chocolate bread

I've been thinking a lot this morning as I was kneading my CHOCOLATE BREAD! I wish there was blogger-smeller, it is amazing! (I took Nutella,cocoa powder, homemade chunky applesauce, honey, fresh ground wheat and spelt, rolled oats, rolled spelt, sea salt......)
I need to create. My daughter and I had the discussion about how much she enjoys helping me with all my business stuff (oh my GOSH.... LUCKY, LUCKY ME!)

We are all creators. We are children of the CREATOR! It comes on different levels. Yesterday I was creating an environment where we could feel more peace! I get really excited about stuff like that! But then I am know for my excitement over seemingly "simple" things. But things MATTER.
After all the cleaning yesterday, I felt rejuvenated. My husband LOVED the organization I had done. This is about energy, and having peace and serenity in our lives. For example; I don't really like folding laundry. As my kids were growing up I'd put CLEAN laundry in a beautiful antique chair until I got around to folding it. The kids would fold their own. Years later I had that chair redone and it is in the living room in my home in New York. Those kids still call it the laundry chair!
Fast forward to my life "now"; I was doing laundry,had folded and put away my hubby's clothes.......... he told me how much that meant to him. My eyes were opened. Here was something so simple, that meant the world to someone I'm totally crazy about! I don't have a laundry chair any more!

This morning I really wanted to get that bread made that I was thinking about making yesterday. I have it rising in the oven as I'm typing this and the 2nd load of laundry is in the washer....
My hubby was watching and smelling the bread-making process and made the comment "I'll never be hungry." I will continue to create, continue to be excited!

I really can't wait to design my label, and new business cards! This is where my daughter's creative brilliance humbles me! Her talent and energy inspire me!
The energy I'm feeling is powerful. I can give my bread away, help others regain the health and vitality they seek.......

So, my message for today: let's all find the outlets we can to be the creators we all are, be it organization, baking, business, art, loving... whatever!

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