Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apples to m&m's

The apples turned out well this time.......... it is very easy to over-dry! These honestly were the ONLY thing I cheated on when I was doing my amazing protocol! I actually started having days where I ate "apples" all day, and I'd eat dried apples. That actually helped me NOT cheat, because I got the apples out of my system!

Every morning I make a "pot" or pan of Yerba Mate. I really enjoy it, but it isn't the cheapest herb tea. I have paid $12.00 for a bag of loose stuff. I found this bag at Sunflower Market. It was a KILO for $8 something! I'm thrilled. What a great price. I boil it in a pan (usually 2 heaping tablespoons for 3+ cups of water), and sprinkle loose cinnamon in it. Costco has great cinnamon, and so cheap! When it almost boils I turn it off and do something else for a little while. The ultimate in multi-tasking. I strain it through coffee filters because nothing else will sort out the teeny particles. Sweetened with chocolate Sweet Leaf Stevia drops, a bit of the peppermint as well, and it is one of my morning favorites!

Yesterday I opened a couple "packages" of treats I had gotten. Well, I was going to use them for "loading", but I can have "some" of many things right now!
The white chocolate was very good, but then I OPENED THE m&m's! OH MY GOSH........ as my daughter put it, we now know why the green m&m on those commercials looks so sexy! Wow, they are really amazing! Remember my post about peanut m&m's? Well, these definitely raise the m&m bar!
I've worn my Sketchers Shape Ups all day!
(My weight was great this morning, so I was totally fine....)

Love this program! Having my cake, (m&m's) and size 8's too!
This is about balance, learning, health.... and finding programs we can LIVE with! I have m&m breath right now, but I no longer feel the need to eat the entire bag!
Look Good~Feel Good~Inside Out

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