Monday, April 19, 2010

You "HAVE" to!

I just had an experience we have every day. My daughter made an amazing bruschetta and brought some to my hubby. Beautiful, perfect...... sweet cherry tomatoes, olive oil and MY BASIL! I had been smelling it all day. Alas, I knew it wasn't for me, because I have a goal.......
My sweet husband said; "Honey, you have to taste this".
We hear this all the time, the "have to". Bottom line......... we don't! I actually said "no I don't". This is true, we can make our individual choices. It is okay to say "no thank you" if you don't feel comfortable, or you don't want to do, taste, whatever.

(by the time I realized I wanted to take a picture, this is all that was left)

My daughter was not offended, she knows EXACTLY what I'm doing. She will make it again, and I can have some. I will choose to; and be ready!

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